Mill Creek Park

Mill Creek  Park Playground

Address: 320 E. Poplar St.

Park Location: The park is surrounded by East Spruce Street to the north and East Poplar Street to the south.  The park is located between North Chestnut Street and North Woodland Road. 
History:    Travelers heading west from 1812 to 1857 used this park as a campsite long before the founding of Olathe. During the Civil War, this location was a popular campground for Union soldiers. It has also been the site of a grist mill, general store, creamery and ice house, and also a privately owned pond where the citizens could fish, swim and ice-skate.   The swimming pool was built under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. A parking lot and tennis courts were added north of the pool. The name was changed from City Park to Mill Creek Park in a city contest for renaming the park. The 4 acre park is the City's oldest neighborhood park.  Dedicated in 1935, Mill Creek Park serves the downtown area.


  •      Handicapped Accessible Playground
  •      2 Tennis Courts (lighted)
  •      Swimming Pool
  •      Picnic Shelter (first come-first served)
           Shelter Specifications:
           Tables - 2 (capacity 16)
           Charcoal Grill - 1
           Water fountain
  •       Restrooms
Mill Creek ParkMill Creek Park ShelterMill Creek Swimming Pool