2013/14 Youth Basketball STAR Award Winners


The Youth Sports STAR (Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude, and Respect) Award is presented by the Olathe Parks and Recreation Department to the team in each league division that best demonstrates the values of sportsmanship as reflected by its players, coaches, and parents. Award winners are selected by the Youth Sports Advisory Committee and Recreation Division staff members for recognition at the end of each league's season. Congratulations to our winners, The Blackhawks & Dynamite!




The Blackhawks - 3rd Grade Boys
Coach Mike Moore

The Blackhawks were nominated for recognizing their strengths and building their ability to work as a team. They demonstrated respect to referees and other teams while maintaining positive attitudes, even after a tough game. The Blackhawks show maturity on the court and in other areas of their lives. 







Dynamite - 4th Grade Girls
Coach Ryn Brotherson

The Dynamite was nominated for emphasis on fair playing time for all players. Their players, coaches, and parents demonstrated a “love of the game” attitude.




Bandits – 5th grade boys
Coach Robert Gloria

The Bandits were nominated for showing a lot of growth and teamwork throughout the season. The Bandits play hard and encourage each other while also displaying positive attitudes towards referees and other teams.

Phoenix – 8th grade boys
Coach David Wilson

The Phoenix were nominated for always offering a hand when their teammates or their opponents were knocked down. They played unselfishly by looking to pass first and making sure their teammates were involved. The Pheonix encouraged everyone on the court, giving high fives to both teams when a great play was made.