Soccer Camps

British Soccer Camps

Ages 3–16

Locally owned, Challenger Sports runs the largest number of soccer camps in the United States.  Olathe Parks & Recreation has teamed up to host the week long British Soccer Camp during the week of June 3 - 7 at Black Bob Park, July 8 -12 at Prairie Center Park and then again July 29 - August 2 at Black Bob Park.

We have incredible coaches with neat accents who make learning fun! We recruit the best coaches in the business and we are about every child having a good day every day! 'The Challenger Way' focuses on challenging players to improve with maximum participation, maximum touches on the ball and maximum fun.  Simply put, no line drills, no long speeches and lots of encouragement. Each of our coaches holds a national coaching license from Great Britain and are trained specifically for the British Soccer Camp program.  They turn a normal week of soccer camp into a magical cultural experience.

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First Kicks

Ages 3–4

Five–1 hour classes

Fee $88

A low-key introduction to the basics of soccer through games, stories and fun.

23396               9:00 am                6/3                 Mon-Fri

23399               9:00 am                7/8                 Mon-Fri

23402               9:00 am                7/29               Mon-Fri

Mini Soccer

Ages 4–6

Five–2 hour classes

Fee $113

Fun soccer activities, basic technical practices and small sided games.

23397               10:00 am             6/3                 Mon-Fri

23400               10:00 am             7/8                 Mon-Fri

23403               10:00 am             7/29               Mon-Fri

Half Day Camp

Ages 6–16

Five–3 hour classes

Fee $141

Emphasis is placed on individual skill development, mastery of the core techniques and fundamental tactical awareness.

23398               9:00 am                6/3                 Mon-Fri

23401               9:00 am                7/8                 Mon-Fri

23404               9:00 am                7/29               Mon-Fri