Physical Security


Minimum standards that incorporate physical security to make dwelling units resistant to unlawful entry: 15.05.100

Exterior Doors

Solid Wood Core Construction, 1 ¾" min.

Solid Wood Panel Inserts, 1" min., tapered portion of panel ¼" min, groove ½" min.

24 Gauge Steel Doors

Fiberglass with 1/16 inch skin, reinforced at deadbolt

Double Doors with 1" flush bolts on inactive leaf

Sliding Doors with shims or screws in the upper track and secondary locking device


Exterior Door Frames - inspected prior to rough-in inspection 

Wood frames - double studded, reinforced in accordance with ASTM F476-84 Grade 40, horizontal blocking at door lock

Steel frames - 18 gauge or heavier, reinforced at hinges and strikes, double studding

Door jambs - solid backing with no strike side void, filler material consists of solid wood block, one-piece construction door stops for in-swinging doors


Door Hardware

Hinges - At least two 3" screws, solid wood fillers or shims.  Mechanical interlock for out-swinging doors

Strike Plates - min. 18 gauge metal with 4 offset screw holes, 3" screws

Escutcheon plates installed around the lock

Single Cylinder 1" deadbolt, ANSI grade 2 specifications

Entry vision and glazing - full view without opening door

Side lighted entry doors - double stud framing construction

Street numbers - contrasting with house for view by emergency personnel

Exterior lighting - for all egress