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Welcome to, a website designed to inform Olathe residents about funds received by the City of Olathe from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  The ARRA was signed into law on February 17, 2009 and designates new or additional federal funding for a wide array of programs which will benefit Olathe residents.  This site will include information about Federal grant awards received by the City of Olathe and when those funds were utilized.   

As we continue to receive information about new funding awards and opportunities, this website will be updated to reflect the dollars the City of Olathe has received.  This website also provides links to county, state, and federal websites to provide easy access to information regarding the use of ARRA funds in Olathe at all levels of government.

The City of Olathe continuously strives to set the standard for excellence in public service.  Each award we receive under the ARRA will help us plan for and provide public services to enhance the quality of life for our community.   This website provides another way for Olathe residents to be informed about the actions of their government.  We sincerely appreciate your time in visiting this website and staying informed on our progress to obtain and utilize ARRA funds.


J. Michael Wilkes

City Manager


Olathe ARRA Award News & Updates

Olathe has been awarded $8,105,023 in ARRA funds to date for the following projects:

- Public Works Department awarded $3,500,000 for expansion of 127th Street from Mur-Len Road to BlackBob Road.  Funds were used February 2010 - April 2011.

- City receives $1,105,400 for implementation of a wide variety of energy efficient technology upgrades and outreach initiatives to citizens and neighboring jurisdictions.  Funds were used March 2011 - April 2013.

- Police Department awarded $295,395 for purchase of equipment for its 700 MHz radio system  - purchased in March 2010 and $71,833 for replacement of crime fighting equipment where rifles were purchased in Nov. 2009 and LPR was purchased in May 2010.

- Housing Authority awarded $219,026 to upgrade existing facilities.  Project as completed in July 2010.

- Housing Services Division of the Development Services Department awarded $1,889,369 for purchase of abandoned and foreclosed homes.  Funds were expended by December 2010 for the purchase and/or demo and sell or convert to rentals.  8 rental units are currently being managed by the City.

- Housing Services Division of the Development Services Department awarded awarded and $117,000 for replacement of outdated bootleg sewers. Project was completed August 2010 however only $74,135.13 was spent on the bootleg project.  The remaining $32,929.68 was approved to be used toward a concrete project at Parkview Manor and was completed in August of 2012.

- Municipal Services Department awarded principal forgiveness of $40,000 to install new filters at Water Treatment Plant #2. Funds were used in March 2010.

- Parks & Recreation Department awarded $867,000 for construction of a portion of the South Indian Creek Trail. Funds were used between June 2010 - January 2011.

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