Block Party Permit


A) A majority of the residents fronting on the street designated consent to this event;

B) There will be no alcoholic beverages served or consumed at this event on public property;

C) Barricades to be provided and erected by residents;

D) Street may not be blocked off to residents of area;

E) Emergency vehicles must have access to the area;

F) Open fires are not permitted, but barbecue grills may be used;

G) For safety reasons, streets may not be blocked off after dark;

H) Compliance with all noise disturbance regulations is required.

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Designated Area as a Play Street
The designation is in accordance with Title 10, Section 10.01.020, of the Olathe Traffic Ordinance in the Olathe Municipal Code:
Signature of Requestor
I agree that I have read the stipulations listed at the top of the page and that all information filled in is correct.